COHEMAS is a professional organization that focuses solely on matters relating to environmental health and public health in general. COHEMAS provides training and consultancy services relating to occupational health and safety, food hygiene and safety, waste management and research in these fields. COHEMAS has a team of professional trainers and consultants from relevant fields of environmental health, food science, microbiology and occupational health.

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Welcome to COHEMAS

To provide innovative environmental and public health ideas through research, technology and extensive knowledge base that will help transform organizations and communities.

To transform communities and organizations to ensure access to environmental and public health solutions and improve wellness.






COHEMAS provides training, consultancy and research services in the following fields

Professional development

COHEMAS provides continuous professional development to environmental health professionals. The aim of CPD is to bridge gaps that exist in environmental health practice. These gaps are identified through research and demand from public health professionals. COHEMAS believes that Environmental Health practitioners should seek knowledge and adopt standards that are in line with the best practices. COHEMAS provides training mainly targeting the Five pillars of Environmental Health.

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July 20, 2017

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May 10, 2017

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