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This is an indigenous international organization that was registered in September 2010. It arose through the long term experiences of the founder members in Environmental Health/ public. It is evident that many approaches to environmental health/ public leave much to be desired. This is a corruption free organization.

Community Infected Jiggers
Jigger seating the flesh
Jiggers infection
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The main focus/aim of COHEMAS international is to improve access to quality environmental health solutions through resource  mobilization, Research,  training, project  implementation and monitoring and evaluation.

This will empower the communities to identify their problem/needs and to be assisted to come up with quality lasting solutions. COHEMAS International is not only interested in giving solutions but also to route out the course of the adverse effects thus be identified.

There are many human activities which contribute adversely to public/environmental health. This calls for COHEMAS to competently conduct  Environmental Health Impact Assessment (EHIA)


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